About PolySHAMory

A new solo play about his and hers. And hers. And his. And sex. And love. And therapy. Kate has everything she’s ever dreamed of. So does Kate’s husband’s girlfriend. With a poly-therapist and the sex-positive ethos of The Ethical Slut, she embarks on a riveting and wickedly funny sexcapade of exploration, self-discovery, and true love through a polyamorous relationship.

PolySHAMory (teaser trailer) from Kate Robards on Vimeo.

PolySHAMory 2019 Shows

Maui Fringe Jan. 18-20

Montreal Fringe Festival (Le Ministère)
Produced by Really Spicy Opera.

  • FRI June 7th- 21:30
  • SAT June 8th- 23:15
  • SUN June 9th- 22:30
  • MON June 10th- 18:00
  • MON June 10th- 23:30
  • WED June 12th- 19:45

PolySHAMory Summer Tour 2018

Frigid NYC Fest

Tampa, FL

Atlanta, GA

Washington, DC

Providence, RI

San Francisco, CA

Production History

PolySHAMory was first workshopped at Frigid NYC–2018, where it was named a Best Bet of the festival by Theasy.com. An excerpt was produced at the exclusive Solo Sundays series in San Francisco in April 2018. It has also been produced at the 2018 Tampa International, 2018 Atlanta Fringe Festivals, 2018 Capital Fringe, 2018 Providence Fringe, at The Marsh Theater in 2018, and at the 2019 Maui Fringe Festival. It is scheduled to appear at the 2019 Montreal Fringe Festival.


“Hilarious and heartbreaking… thoughtful emotional lessons and a powerful finale.” The Washington Post 

With her experience in stand-up, Robards knows how to drop a punchline and put together a tightly wound, joke-focused story.Theasy (New York review)
Robards’ onstage personality and knack for comedic delivery make this unique story immensely enjoyable.Theasy (New York review)

Fringe Festival Reviews # 1: PolySHAMory

Excellent! Funny! Must see! https://montrealrampage.com/fringe-festival-reviews-1-polyshamory

The Road To Opening in Broadway World

The Road To Opening in Broadway World By Kate Robards My play Ain’t That Rich, a true story of the complex relationship I have with money, runs at The Marsh San Francisco October 20 though December 2. To give you some context for this show, I grew up in a small town on the Texas-Louisiana…

Review: PolySHAMory at Capital Fringe

The title of the show – PolySHAMory – offers an important clue as to the nature of Robards’ experience with her husband – ex-husband – and their experiment in polyamory. The situation did not lend itself to marital bliss. However, as fuel to Robards’ creative storytelling, she mines her life from childhood onwards. Early on, Robards asks…

DC Metro Theatre Scene

“PolySHAMory blends stand-up with dramatic narrative to create a hilarious story about the realities of the sexual fantasies and romantic nightmares we normally relegate to whispers and pop songs, while also packing an emotional punch in its darker moments.” DC Metro Theatre Scene

2018 Capital Fringe Review: ‘PolySHAMory’

The show is constructed around Robards’ story of being thrust into a polyamorous marriage, a world of abundant love and more abundant confusion, a story which she delivers with a wry sense of humor, undercutting anecdotes of shoes lost in anger, and deep dives into The Ethical Slut with sarcasm and knowing nods to the seeming absurdity…

PolySHAMory, Dangerous When Wet, and The Unaccompanied Minor are just a few of Capital Fringe’s solo offerings

One-person plays are a tough gig, even if the performer isn’t delving into their own polyamorous past, alcoholism, or divorce. Yet several solo performers will dare to cross the lines of bold comedy and intimate confession at the 2018 Capital Fringe Festival. Kate Robards, who premiered her first solo play, Mandarin Orange, at Capital Fringe in…

polySHAMory Named “Best of Frigid 2018”

The NYC theatre magazine Theatre is Easy has named PolySHAMory as a “Best Bet” for theatre and “Best of Frigid 2018”. Read Adrienne Urbanski’s review here. You can still catch PolySHAMory at the Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street, New York, NY) on Wednesday, 2/21 at 10:30 PM, and Fri 3/2 at 5:10 PM. 60 minutes with…

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