PolySHAMory, Dangerous When Wet, and The Unaccompanied Minor are just a few of Capital Fringe’s solo offerings

One-person plays are a tough gig, even if the performer isn’t delving into their own polyamorous past, alcoholism, or divorce. Yet several solo performers will dare to cross the lines of bold comedy and intimate confession at the 2018 Capital Fringe Festival.

Kate Robards, who premiered her first solo play, Mandarin Orange, at Capital Fringe in 2014, returns with the semi-autobiographical PolySHAMory, about her misadventures in multiple loving. “I don’t think of it as [being] the only one up there because I have audience members that I interact with,” she says. “And people give you energy. It’s a really beautiful thing, where people will make a face and you get to respond and make a face back. It’s a living, breathing, moment-to-moment experience. Plus, I’m playing all of these characters, so they’re kind of with me as well.”

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