Kate Robards is an award-winning writer and performer. She has lived around the world, including Amsterdam and Shanghai, but identifies deeply with Orange, Texas, a small Gulf Coast town on the Texas-Louisiana border where she spent the first twenty years of her life. Her work often deals with the sense of home, rootedness, and identity.

Kate’s play trilogy Mandarin Orange, Ain’t That Rich, and PolySHAMory have racked up awards and performances across the country and abroad. Mandarin Orange premiered at the Capital Fringe in 2014; the Washington Post named it a “Fringe Festival Highlight” and the Washington Times dubbed it a “pick of the week.” Ain’t That Rich was developed with assistance from Solo Sundays at Stage Werx and The Marsh in San Francisco, won first prize at the Maui Fringe, and ran at the Marsh Theatre in San Francisco for seven weeks. PolySHAMory was praised as “hilarious and heartbreaking” by the Washington Post, “with thoughtful, emotional lessons and powerful finale.

A founding company member of FOGG Theatre and former board member at Cutting Ball Theatre in San Francisco, Kate Robards holds a Masters of Fine Arts in writing from California College of the Arts. She was an Artist in Residence at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and teaches master classes on writing and performing your own work.  An excerpt of her play Ain’t That Rich was published in the literary magazine Luna Luna.

Kate regularly gives benefit performances for non-profit theatre and other causes. Her performances have raised more than ten thousand dollars for the Orange Community Players, as well as benefiting women and children’s shelters.

Kate has performed with San Francisco Olympians, Shanghai Repertory Theatre, Urban Aphrodite Shanghai, and Cutting Ball Theatre. She has also been featured in a multitude of independent films and web series, play everything from a 1940s housewife to a modern day, crack-addicted prostitute. Kate is a graduate of UCB improv and the one-year professional acting program at The Barrow Group.  She performs stand up and improv regularly in New York City. She is a proud member of The Dramatists Guild.



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