2018 Capital Fringe Review: ‘PolySHAMory’

The show is constructed around Robards’ story of being thrust into a polyamorous marriage, a world of abundant love and more abundant confusion, a story which she delivers with a wry sense of humor, undercutting anecdotes of shoes lost in anger, and deep dives into The Ethical Slut with sarcasm and knowing nods to the seeming absurdity of her situation. As she narrates her descent further into “sex-positivity” with a performance directed by Maureen Monterubio, she leads the audience in a journey of skeptical acceptance into a non-traditional lifestyle. Robards’ jokes and winks create a comfortably comedic atmosphere, where we can laugh along to the difficulties of deciphering a poly-therapist’s many acronyms or telling in-laws you’ve become “sex positive.”

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